You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions for the License Agreement.

There is a new offer on this page    OFFER 

 You can earn up to $200,000.00 p.a. by selling software for baker publishing.

The software ( a timing system ) comes pre-installed on every Microsoft Operating system with a Mozilla web browser. If your machine doesn't have a Mozilla web browser, you can download one for free here, for a 30 day free trial under the standard shareware agreement. Your license is the same as the BitCom license- one copy per machine, replacement if defective, yours to sell or gift upon death, valid for the life of the software, for ever.

There are conditions to this offer.

Generally it is open to only two students per school or high school, who must be under the age of 20 and have parental consent. Two student may be able to earn $200,000 by signing up 1,000 customers.

This offer expires on 1st Bovember 2011.

Simply contact us by going to the contact page for details.

What does the software do?

The software is an essential part of the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Mozilla/Netscape web browser since 1990. It is written in Sun JavaScript, like the operating system and browser, and includes the mouse drivers, or software. It enables you to connect to the internet.

How much does it cost?

The price is currently (in 2011) N.Z.$2011.00 per copy, and a notebook computer used internationally on other than New Zealand networks costs U.S. $2011.00 per copy. From 1st November the price will be £500, and you will have to pay in £s.

Once you have understood the facts and background and believe in this product you must persuade someone with an internet connection to write out a cheque for $2011.00. You can have all your questions answered from the faq page.

As this product is shareware, and thus more than the price of one copy of the web browser may be owing, the balance owing if you have had your browser for several months and have not deleted it will be $2011.00 for each month it remains unpaid for. In 2001 the United States Court in California gave Microsoft 8 years to remedy the problem of coyright infringement, and making customers aware that they have no rights to teh name Sun JavaScript, but they have failed to do so.

Full costs may be waived at the discretion of Baker Publishing, and the New Zealand Courts. It is  therefore  advisable that you register early and take advantage of the current offer.





SUN© brand

The world's first registered international trade mark (Sun) was registered in India by China and is owned by Dragon (China).

Emperor brand (Dragon) is under Chinese and international law, the property of Malcolm Baker.

JavaScript is the property of SUN.corp

See Dragon © brand 

 Telecom New Zealand with its XTRA Broadband service is the only company legally able to provide an internet service.

It currently charges NZ $83 per month.

I'm expecting this to drop to $30 per month or $29.95, with higher speeds, and have already prepared a series of television advirtisements for them to this effect.

Whether Telecom Broadband will offer broadband licenses to their competitors to provide connections for $25 per month or less is up to them. They have made no agreement with me regarding payment to me.

In the United States Earth Link charges as little as $9.95 per month, or about $13 New Zealand. I'm still requesting $1 per month of this.


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