Is Global Warming real?

And if it is, what can we do about it?

The best answer is an immediate fuel tax on carbon emissions. This is not only



The $500 credit is arrived at by assuming that with a 10% tax on fuel, somebody will use $5000 worth at the pump, to earn $500 in tax. That is very roughly $100 worth per week. While I would use perhaps $20 worth per week, some fuel would be used in bringing my groceries to the supermarket, my mail and newspaper to my house, my clothes to the shop, and so on. Even if everybody received $500 rebate, the amount of tax levied on a 10% fuel tax would be far in excess of that figure. The figure could be further refined as saying it was up to $2,500 per hectare, with property value of up to a certain figure, say $1,000,000 per half hectare. The reason being that land and building owners are the people in a position to substitute solar energy for other types of electricity in their buildings. In addition, land owners with mature trees, such as farmers with a stand of trees on an estate could also benefit.

If the tax were applied equally to coal and natural gas, at the equivalent rate as to 98 octane petrol, on a tax per BTU (British Thermal Unit) then a lot more money could be applied to finding immediate alternatives to fossil fuels.

This solution is immediate, and it should have been applied on the 1st of January 2007 or before that even. the fact that politicians still have not made up their minds says more about their ability to think and to reason than anything else.




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