How are you going to pay for this?



 My liability in this game of monopoly is limited at this stage to a commitment to paying 100% on all monies deposited with me, after 12 months. The money will be deposited in an account with KiwiBank, earning 2% p.a. At the very least this money will be repaid with this interest.

If I can secure an agreement from the government of New Zealand to pay me what it owes me, i.e. ALL the money deposited in a bank account which I legally own,, then I will pay the additional interest promised, up to 100% on any money lent to MONOPOLY.


How is the Emperor of China relevant to the internet? 

Chojn signed a treaty with India when the Emperor was the head of the government under their system of inherited power, at that time. He also established a system of government regarding standard wieghts and measures, a common language throughout China, and a system of international trade marks, backed by the might of the Chinese Army and Navy. In China there is no airforce, only an army airforce and a navy airforce. Dragon is one international trade mark whih still trades, despite the current government being a one party communist system, and China uses a monetary system contrary to the previous ideal communist system they have tried in the ancient past.

Mao led a communist revolution to solve the problem of aggregation of wealth in a few hand which led to decreasing living standards for the ordinary people, and his revolution which saw of the rise of Fascism in Europe under Hitler was supposed to die at his death in 1976.

Departing from the main central administrative system generally known as the Three Departments and Six Ministries system, which was instituted by various dynasties since late Han (202 BCE – 220 CE), the Ming administration had only one Department, the Secretariat, that controlled the Six Ministries. Following the execution of the Chancellor Hu Weiyong in 1380, emperor Hongwu abolished the Secretariat, the Censorate, and the Chief Military Commission and personally took charge of the Six Ministries and the regional Five Military Commissions.[77][78] Thus a whole level of administration was cut out and only partially rebuilt by subsequent rulers.[77] The Grand Secretariat, at the beginning a secretarial institution that assisted the emperor with administrative paperwork, was instituted, but without employing grand counselors, or chancellors. The ministries, headed by a minister and run by directors remained under direct control of the emperor until the end of the Ming.
Ming covered red jar with dragon and sea design from the Jiajing reign

 There are currently 700 million internet subscribers in Europe. These people pay at least 10 Euros per month, and up to 100 Euros. Of this I expect to earn at least 1 Euro per month.

This is because I have an intellectual property claim over both the software used to connect to the internet, (the Browser), and the parent company of that software distributer (SUN).

This will lead to income in time of 700 million Euros per month. In addition there are internet providers in every country, including increasing numbers in China and India, who won't be paying 1 Euro per month, but the equivalent value in their currency. This money, if not repatriated(converted into euros) will have an equivalent value in China and India.

Sun owns the rights to JavaScript, notwithstanding its recent 'sale' to Oracle for 7 billion.

Oracle buys SUN, becomes hardware company -CNET

Oracle announced Wednesday it completed its acquisition of Sun Microsystems in a deal valued at more than $7 billion, a movemmunist system, and china uses a monetary system contrary to the pre ideal communist system they have tried in the ancient past. that transforms the database and business-software giant into a hardware company as well.

I've done it all before.

Well, not me perhaps, but Company Secretary of JCI, Johannesburg Consolidated Investments Limited)  M.J. Meyer.

As company secretary. Meyer took the $10 (10 Rand) shares of JCI to $4,000, by issuing 10c options, which he was able to fully pay up (to $1) when the bits of the company which had been taken over, (one piece in particular) were finally paid for. This meant that JCI, (the company) was able to make an offer on its own shares, worth $4,000 for every $10 share. Many shareholders accepted this offer, meaning that the company owned a majority of its own shares. The mandate for the secretary, treasurer and chair remained to maximize profits, but diversification into grocery distribution meant that profits were assured.

Since then, (1997 and the death of M.J. Meyer) there have been efforts by the company to relist its shares, but this philosophy is by no means shared by all in the companies' management.

JCI or Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Co. Ltd. was founded in 1889 by the British entrepreneur Barney Barnato. JCI was a major force in South African mining for over 100 years. Using his investments in the Kimberley diamond fields, particularly his 25% share in De Beers, Barnato foresaw the value of and invested in the potential of the Witwatersrand gold mines. At first he bought small but rich mines near Germiston – the New Primrose, named after his daughter, and others in the same region.

In addition to the gold mines, 25% of De Beers and a controlling interest in Rustenburg Platinum Holdings, the world’s largest platinum producer, JCI owned large industrial and property holdings, including the Houghton Estate in northern Johannesburg, and substantial shareholdings in SA Breweries, Toyota South Africa, Lennings Industrial, etc, and was long a target of developers who lusted after the property holdings. Anglo American Corporation purchased a 52% holding in JCI, agreeing to protect the company against predatory takeovers, and this situation continued until 1994.

It has been alleged by Four Corners that Brett Kebble, John Stratton, and others in their roles as Chairman and directors of the company respectively defrauded and conspired to defraud the company of some 7.6 billion rand. Additionally, it was alleged that John Stratton then procured Brett Kebble's murder, with which Glenn Agliotti has been charged.

In August 2010, an American company Hemispherx was awarded $188 Million Judgment Against JCI by Court in Miami, alleging that JCI wrongly obtained confidential information as part of an effort to devalue Hemispherx’s stock price and gain control, according to court papers.


The reality of the internet is that Microsoft has a monopoly, or patent on all the software necessary for you to connect.  

That is to say, you need a browser to cannoct, but without the Microsoft Operating system (Windows) you do not  have any of the drivers necessary (the other half) to control your computer.

Doubt me if you wish, but investigate the facts for yourself and you will see I am right. Microsoft does not (yet) own Java, or JavaScript but from the FAQ page you will find links which explain why Microsoft went to court against SUN, in an anti-trust lawsuit which they lost, yet continues to develop its Internet Explorer, and distribute it for free.

Why would anyone pay me for a browser when they can have a copy for free?

Microsoft no longer owns the mouse software however (written in JavaScript as well) or the scroll bars for the window (Browser window) and thus is forced into an unwilling partnership with SUN/Oracle.

There are a few issues still to be sorted.

 In addition I am selling browsers. The current price varies from country to country, and may decrease, but is still significant because more and more people are using a JavaScript capable browser as teh only way to connect to the internet.

On top of this I own other companies and brand marks which are still trading despite my receiving no income from them.

The include Dragon.

Dragon Airlines, www.dragon.com -a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathy Pacific after its takeover.

Dragon Software, voice recognition software and language teaching software.

Double Dragon Rice.

SUN brand. A wholly owned subsidiary of Dragon and Emperor (Imperial Dragon) brands.

Sun corp. (corporation) is the name of the Chinese Emperor's Chinese Army corp. (more)

The first Ming Emperor copied the Yuan ruling and decreed that the dragon would be his emblem and that it would have five toes (or claws) The four-clawed dragon was typically for imperial nobility and certain high ranking officials. The three clawed dragon was used by lower ranks and the general public (widely seen on various Chinese goods in Ming Dynasty). The Long, however, was only for select royalty closely associated with the Imperial family, usually in various symbolic colors, while it was a capital offense for anyone - other than the emperor himself - to ever use the completely gold-colored, five-clawed Long dragon motif. Improper use of claw number and/or colors was considered treason, punishable by execution of the offender's entire clan. Since most East Asian nations at one point or another were considered Chinese tributaries, they were only allowed four-clawed dragons.

The five toes rule was first enforced in AD 1336 (Yuan the second year). "(For commoners) It is forbidden to wear any cloth with patterns of Qilin, Male Fenghuang (Chinese phoenix), White rabbit, Lingzhi, Five-Toe Two-Horn Long, Eight Longs, Nine Longs, 'Ten thousand years', Fortune-longevity character and Golden Yellow etc."



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