How are you going to pay for this?



 In addition I am selling browsers. The current price varies from country to country, and may decrease, but is still significant because more and more people are using a JavaScript capable browser as teh only way to connect to the internet.

On top of this I own other companies and brand marks which are still trading despite my receiving no income from them.

The include Dragon.

Dragon Airlines, www.dragon.com -a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathy Pacific after its takeover.

Dragon Software, voice recognition software and language teaching software.

Double Dragon Rice.

SUN brand. A wholly owned subsidiary of Dragon and Emperor (Imperial Dragon) brands.

Sun corp. (corporation) is the name of the Chinese Emperor's Chinese Army corp.

Sun Rice (Ricegrowers Limited) (more)

Monarch brand.

Pall Mall Brand

Anchor Brand.       Chelsea            Anchor wire           

RD1 www.RD1.com


Galaxy brand

Mainland brand, and others.

In October 2010 SunRice announced it had begun negotiations with the Spanish food processor, Ebro Foods, for a proposal to purchase SunRice for A$600 million



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