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How do I pay?
If you are buying a property card for the Monopoly game (making an investment in the savings scheme, the best way is to contact me by email, or send a text.
It may take a day or two before you get a reply, so don't panic.
If you are a New Zealand resident you can pay by cheque - see the contact page- or by direct payment to a bank account. I can send you the number by email.
From November this year, the price will be £500, and the only payment method will be legal tender, so you will have to check the current exchange rate, and buy £500.

If you want to register a web browser is not one international price, unless you are using a notebook computer with internet connection, or a netbook, when the price is $2011.00 US.  Check current exchange rates

What are you selling?


For more see:

What is BitCom?
BitCom was the supplier of software for digital modems. Read all about BitCom here:

Do I need anything else to connect to the internet?

How do we know this is not a scam?

What part of the Browser does Microsoft own?
Well,  none of it. Microsoft lost a court case with SUN in 2001, and is not allowed to distribute a browser, although they continue to develop and distribute Internet Explorer for free.

What Is the Browser Wars?
History of browser wars
From the DOS 5 Manual


  Community Chest




JavaScript Web browser timing system software

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$ 2011.00 USD

The timing system is written in SUN JavaScript and comes pre-installed as part of the Netscape and Mozilla web browser. All you need do is register your copy.


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