How do we know that you did what you say you did?

Think of it this way.

If you want a pair of Levi jeans you pay $120 in this country. Why should you pay $120 whn you can buy a pair of denim jeans for $10? Both are made in China. You pay more for the branded product because you get better quality. That's it.

I'm sorry if this sounds patronising, but some people deny facts even in the light of overwhelming evidence.

To understand how the human brain works, (and why it is very like a computer) you must understand how we understand facts.

The brain says, this is that, and it is also like something else. For example, you need a licence to drive a car. You get stopped by a cop, (for speeding) and you say -"I wasn't speeding officer" and the officer has to concede, well, true, I have no proof that you were speeding, but let me see your licence". You say, "Well actuall I do have a legal right to drive because I have passed my test, but I don't actually have my licence on me."

'O.K. says the officer, the law says you must carry it at all times, until you can produce it, I must impound your car". "I'm the chairman of Microsoft, you say, and I'm on my way yo an important meeting. I have a licence, I wasn't speeding, and if you impound my car and I miss my meeting, I will lose millions of dollars as a consequence, and I will sue you". The cop says, "O.K. off you go, (or go ahead and try it), and you have seven days to produce your licence.

It is like that with the software I say I wrote. It is true that I wrote it, (or that I believe I wrote it but I am mistaken, or deluded, or somebody else just happened to write it before me), but I'm having trouble proving it just now.

This fact is true, (or untrue), but this is the case as I see it, now you check the facts, and pick holes in my story.

If I am right, and I was the first to write the JavaScript timing system software, and still own it, or if I can prove to the satisfaction of the courts (or yourself) that I own the company that owns the software, then you must pay me.

How much you must pay, and when are still topics up for discussion, but my right to ask for payment of what is shareware, not freeware, is  not open to doubt.

Check out this page from the Microsoft Manual which I say I wrote. (both).

I both wrote the manual, and the software itself, which I do not question belongs to microsoft. (There is another version called Asian DOS which belongs to NEC computers which I also helped to write-natually because it is almost teh same. There are key 'Kernal' differences, and NEC say they wrote their version two days before Microsoft wrote theirs. Keystrokes on the computers used are recorded and date stamped using the Mirror Commands, which Microsoft does not own.

Is there a God?

Is it relevant? It is if God can be a witness to what I say, and whether or not it is true, and it is if I am using god as my extended memory, or virtual memory because:

1, I would need to have permission first.

2, If I didn't have permission, maybe it wouldn't work.

3, You don't have to believe in God for it to work

 Other copyright claims:


The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)


(Also short for World War W

The World Wide Web (abbreviated as WWW or W3[2] and commonly known as the Web) is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet. With a web browser, one can view web pages that may contain text, images, videos, and other multimedia and navigate between them via hyperlinks.

the C language.

BitCom software and manual.

DOS 5 manual

Most of the DOS O/S

Unformat and Undelete commands and Mirror Command

The hourglass GUI used when computer is waiting

Thefiles moving to a folder and striking the edge if corrupted GUI

JavaScript timing system.





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