JavaScript and Browsers
What is JavaScript?
What is a web browser?

What are you selling?
How much does it cost?
A Mozilla browser costs $2,011.00 (same as the current year).
If you live in Australia or the USA you pay in your own currency. (US $2,011.00) A$2,011.00)  
There is a special offer in November.

What do I get for my money?
Can I get it elsewhere for less?
No. Apart from our November offer. £500.
Why so much?
$2,000 is not a lot. The price could reduce in the future. If so you will get a partial refund.
A used car costs $2,000 and lasts 10 years. This lasts for ever. Because of the Java Virtual Machine and the Intel chip, chips cannot get smaller, and Microsoft is needed as the other half of the Internet connection. Learn more.

What does it do?
What does a browser do?
What does a JavaScript timing system do?
What is a mouse?

How do I pay?
You can pay directly to my bank account.

Can I make money with your software?
Apart from using the internet you can sell software (browsers) to your friends for commission.

Is there a money back guarantee?
You will need to read the License Agreement.
This is based on the BitCom License Agreement.
You can trial the product free for 30 days.
It costs nothing to download a browser.  HERE 

Q. If it is true that Brendon Eich wrote and owns JavaScript (for Netscape), and is CEO of Mozilla, why is JavaScript owned by Sun Microsystems,

Why has Oracle taken over Sun when in fact Sun is China's oldest company and is owned by Dragon?

For more see:

What is BitCom?
BitCom was the supplier of software for digital modems. Read all about BitCom here:

Do I need anything else to connect to the internet?

How do we know this is not a scam?

What part of the Browser does Microsoft own?
Well,  none of it. Microsoft lost a court case with SUN in 2001, and is not allowed to distribute a browser, although they continue to develop and distribute Internet Explorer for free.

What Is the Browser Wars?
History of browser wars
From the DOS 5 Manual

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