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Banking  MONOPOLY   Game.

In a word,
what is this site about?


Savings  baby,  savings !

Want to DOUBLE $350 ?   
Advance to   MAYFAIR         
Want to double £350 ?   

Do you  want to turn $60 into $120?

In one year?


Save in a group at your school

Bank 10% with Monopoly

You can achieve 100% interest, in 12 months.
100% guaranteed?   Want to know more?
Go back to  OLD KENT ROAD. 

This game is for schools

Save $2 per week, in your own bank.

Get a friend to save $2 per week.

When you have $60

Bank it for 12 months with Kiwibank

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Know how to play the
board game?

Then this is simple.
Just  save as little as $2 per week,   
Get a group of 3 or 5 or your whole class
to save $2 per week each,
Put the money in your own bank.
If you want to, when you are ready,
Bank $60 with this game
by buying a property card.

We offer the security of a work of art,
Your money goes into Kiwibank at 2% interest.

After 12 months
you receive your money back,
(sell your property card back)
plus receive 2% interest,
And an additional $60!

That's  DOUBLE your investment ! !

 DOUBLE $240 ?

Make money by recycling your aluminium cans
Why pay so much interest?
Where is the money coming from?
Why are we doing this?

How do we pass GO?
FAQ page
This is a limited-time offer,
so get in quickly.

See the    Community Chest    offer on this page.

  Traditional banking is a thing of the past. Eftpos and online banking are the future,  but you need a web browser. Find out how to make your browser legal.

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It is also about International Corporations, branding,  brand names,
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  Protons & Neutrons are Atoms?

 A thesis about nuclear physics


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