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This story is fiction. It was written, and now it is being rewritten because I know what I said, and even if a publisher doesn't want to put it in print, it is still an entertaining story. It was written in the first person because that is the best way to convey the immediacy of what can only be the account of a past life since we all know that Jesus died on the cross in about the year 33. A lot of what is said about Jesus may not be true, but one thing is true, and that is he existed, and we both share the same belief in the same God.

 There is little point in beginning at teh beginning, because I have only God to help me and the facts in teh bible, given as an account of four men, Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, to teh Roman authorities. They did not want to condemn themselves, because nobody wishes to die before their time. They only wanted to state the truth as far as they could without giving away enough for themselves to be convicted, so tehy mostly confined themselves to what Jesus said and did.

The first thing I need to find out is how many times I was crucifued, and when, because I know it was more than once. Indeed the reason for it, was not to save sinners, because sinners should face tehir own punishment, be it murder, theft of anything else. It was the purpose of my life to save sinners by telling them the truth, that God is real,m there is no satan, and that they can expect to win victory over death and have a new life, and a clean one in the future, with no sin. I'm not even sure I believe death itself absolves sin, and I shall give my reasons for this, but eh important message is about the true nature and infinity if God, and how difficult it is to have a meaningful relationship with Him, because that is how He told be He should be spoken about. Perhaps that will change in the future when He reveals himself to you.

The key to my birth was the arrival of a comet. I'm sure it was Halley's Comet, because it is teh only one which can light up teh darkness with the intensity that the full moon can. The last visit was beyond the memory of television and cameras, although there may be one or two photographs, it is surprising there are not many, since is is very bright and camera were used since about 1850, well before the last appearance in 1910. There is supposed to have been an appearance in 1986, but I don't believe it was Halley's comet, because it was not bright enough for me to even notice it.

  • 1P/−11 Q1, −11 (10 October 12 BC)
  • 1P/66 B1, 66 (25 January 66 AD)

The only explanation I can think of is that Hiroshima was in 1945, and the earth burned like the sun for a number of years, but nobody noticed it, because everybody on the earth was instantly burned up by the bomb. Not only that, I think there is a good chance that the firsst atomic bomb was at Nagasaki, and the second one was at Hiroshima, but I will give my reasons for that later.

The apparition of 12 BC was recorded in the Book of Han by Chinese astronomers of the Han Dynasty who tracked it from August through October.[10] It passed within 0.16 AU of the Earth.[54] Halley's appearance in 12 BC, only a few years distant from the conventionally assigned date of the birth of Jesus Christ, has led some theologians and astronomers to suggest that it might explain the biblical story of the Star of Bethlehem. There are other explanations for the phenomenon, such as planetary conjunctions, and there are also records of other comets that appeared closer to the date of Jesus' birth.[55]

If, as has been suggested, the reference in the Talmud to "a star which appears once in seventy years that makes the captains of the ships err"[56] (see above) refers to Halley's Comet, it may be a reference to the 66 AD appearance, because this passage is attributed to the Rabbi Yehoshua ben Hananiah. This apparition was the only one to occur during ben Hananiah's lifetime.[57]

The 141 AD apparition was recorded in Chinese chronicles.[58] The 374 AD and 607 approaches each came within 0.09 AU of the Earth.[54] The 684 AD apparition was recorded in Europe in one of the sources used by the compiler of the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicles. Chinese records also report it as the "broom star".[59]

In 837, Halley's Comet may have passed as close as 0.03 AU (3.2 million miles; 5.1 million kilometers) from Earth, by far its closest approach.[54] Its tail may have stretched 60 degrees across the sky. It was recorded by astronomers in China, Japan, Germany and the greater Middle East.[10] In 912, Halley's comet is recorded in the Annals of Ulster, which state "A dark and rainy year. A comet appeared

In 1066, the comet was seen in England and thought to be an omen: later that year Harold II of England died at the Battle of Hastings; it was a bad omen for Harold, but a good omen for the man who defeated him, William the Conqueror. The comet is represented on the Bayeux Tapestry as a fiery star, and the surviving accounts describe it as appearing to be four times the size of Venus and shining with a light equal to a quarter of that of the Moon. Halley came within 0.10 AU of the Earth at that time.[54]

This appearance of the comet is also noted in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Eilmer of Malmesbury may have seen Halley previously in 989, as he wrote of it in 1066: "You've come, have you? ... You've come, you source of tears to many mothers, you evil. I hate you! It is long since I saw you; but as I see you now you are much more terrible, for I see you brandishing the downfall of my country. I hate you!"[61]

The Irish Annals of the Four Masters recorded the comet as "A star [that] appeared on the seventh of the Calends of May, on Tuesday after Little Easter, than whose light the brilliance or light of the moon was not greater; and it was visible to all in this manner till the end of four nights afterwards."[60] Chaco Native Americans in New Mexico may have recorded the 1066 apparition in their petroglyphs.[62]


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