Mr Malcolm James Baker,
42 Spencer Avenue,
Maketu 3189.

14th April  2011.

To Whom It May Concern,

A legal dispute and a court order resolved Microsoft's and Netscape's claims in favour of Sun Microsystems (Netscape) which became the owner of JavaScript, the language which the browser now a software only item, and  installed on a computer running a Microsoft Windows Operating System uses exclusively.

Under the law, as I interpret it, Sun is an international trade mark and brand name registered in China and India. It is the world's first "International" trade mark, by the right of a treaty between India and China to respect each other's national boundaries, and it is owned by Dragon.

A computer is a hardware device, and to connect to the internet it requires an operating system, which is software copyright to Microsoft. It also requires a browser, which is software copyright to Sun. A computer requires a chip, the patent of which is owned by Intel. Until paid for, the computer remains the property of the Bank of England. Illegal possession of a (working) computer is the same offense under British and International law, as illegal possession of Bank of England forging equipment, and the law provides a penalty of forty year's imprisonment.

The price of the browser which is free to download and trial for 30 days with a right to a refund if deleted after that period, is N.Z.$2011.00, the same as the current year. The price in the USA is U.S. $2011.00, which is actually less because the earning capacity of the average American means it takes a shorter time to earn $2,011.00 there than in New Zealand, but the debt is owed in New Zealand dollars, until further notice.

As the software is distributed by Mozilla it is shareware, and as such, if it is not deleted or paid for after 30 days, a new copy is presumed to be being used, and another fee of $2011.00 is owed for the continued use. This has yet to be tested in a court of law. It is the legal duty of all those over the age of 20 years to be responsible for their legal debts. Until that time they cannot legally own a computer, and there must be a legal owner who is over the age of 20. This cannot be an entity, and must be an actual person such as a parent of CEO of a corporation or company. It is the legal responsibility of Craig Roebuck of teh New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited to enforce the law and prosecute those who use the Mozilla browser illegally.

Malcolm Baker.


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