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 Buster asked me to give his lawyer a ring. When I rang, from their home in Oxford St Te Puke, Patterson told me that they had arranged to have a property manager appointed, that it was to be my cousin Bruce and that they wanted me to visit a psychologist to  have an assessment made. He had made an appointment for me to see Gil Newburn.

I was quite relaxed about it since I thought that I would pass the test easily. Buster drove me over to Tauranga and I did some tests and waited for the result.

It wasn't as expected. 

There was no way I was going to accept Jess and Bster's explanination that the council was going to see my house for rate arreas, and they were doing this to protect me. If that was the case, why didn't they offer to sit down with me and sort out a budget. No, the real explaination was that Jess's sister Marge was under a property management order, and Jess was the property manager. The reason for this was that Grandpa (Harry) had left all his estate to Marge in his will, because the other three sisters, Mary, Dorothy and Jess were all married, and so had a husband to provide for them and their security.. Jess and Buster had wanted to get their hands on this, or at least control it.

Marge had refused to make out a will and died intestate. Under New Zealand laew I was due to inherit 15% of her estate, since it was divided three ways between teh sister's families, even though Mary and Dot were dead, and I was going to split one share with my sister. It amounted to about $160,000.

The night before I was due to appear in Court to have the Property Management Order reviewed on 28th August 2008, this is what I believe happened.

Judge Annis Sommerville is a young, for a High or Family Court Judge, red headed woman. I'm not sure how well she knwe Patterson, but on this night I was sitting in for her. I believe Patterson was there himself. I can't even say whee they met, but I do know I had a dictaphone in her clothing, but Patterson was unaware of this.

After he appeared, the conversation was fairly brief. He indicated that he was going to have sex with her. She found him revolting, as did I, but she said, what if I object, or words to that effect. He replied, "I have a gun in my pocket", or words to that effect, so she (I) said "That's good enough for me."

Afterwards I didn't have the chance to hang around for long. Both Patterson and I were replaced, I have not much of an idea who, but I know they ae married. She was wearing teh Judge's clothing with the dictaphone still in the pocket, but I didn't get a chance to find out whether it had recorded the conversation. Clearly a rape had just taken place, not consential sex, however teh new Judge Sommerville wasn't keen to have anal sex as Patterson wanted. She knew what had just taken place, and God had provided back-up witnesses, one a lawyer, just to be certain.

You'll need to give me a muscle relaxant, she replied drily, but her husband wasn't too keen to beconvicted for a rape, so he declined to press teh point.

That is basically my case against him, in a nutshell. He denied to me that he is a freemason, but it is unlikely he is unfamilar with freemasonry completely, because Buster knew him quite well.

 The next day I was in court and the Judge made the order outlined on this page. The property management order was imposed for another three years. The Judge made it quite plain that she was not happy with Patterson in court, and who cold blame her, Neither was she happy with Steve Collins of Guardian Trust who was appointed Property Manager on their behalf, or their lawyer Miss Leyland, and made sure to mention her in the judgement.

Subsequently I have written to the Minister of Police outlining the case, and I also brought it up with the then District Inspector of Mental Health.  I'm sure that doing so did not improve my chances of getting the order lifted, because they (the court) obviously felt that there could be no basis to my complaint, and that I was making the whole thing up.



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