There is a claim by a doctor on this page, that I said I believed I am or was Jesus Christ. I'm not sure that I remember saying that, and I do remember him asking me to appear before a panel so they could analyze me as part of their learning about mental illness, but I declined that.
From my experience mental health authorities do not always get it right. Just putting a label on someone so that you can medicate them is not always beneficial, and remember the Hippocratic oath says, "do not harm".
That said, I also have to say that I'm smart enough to realize that to claim that I am Jesus is going to be extremely offensive to some people. Just look at the trouble the original Jesus had. He was the Messiah, or at least we believe that now, and yet despite performing  miracles, if we can believe the accounts, they still persecuted him and killed him.
To claim to be Jesus would seem to be some to be an invitation to ridicule and abuse that person.
One thing I always admired about Jesus, was that he appeared, not only to be able to walk on water, he could get out of a tricky situation with a clever answer. There is the story of the woman accused of adultery who was going to be stoned to death. I like the Enid Blyton version, because she makes him angry at the men who were accusing him of breaking the law, and trying to trap him into a situation in which they thought he would be trapped. It didn't matter to them that they were going to murder her, and this made him angry indeed, a very human emotion. We don't know whether Jesus really felt anger.
The point is, not whether you believe something is true or not, but whether it is true by the standards of a scientific enquiry.
Is there a God? Can there be any doubt, even if not everybody believes it or not? Jesus believed in God.
One reason I possibly could not be Jesus, is that I am not perfect. We believe that Jesus was perfect. We say a baby when it is born is perfect. I certainly am not perfect. When I was invetro (in the womb), my mother was x-rayed. In those days (1954 55) some X-ray machines used Cobolt-60 as a radiation source. I believe, but have no evidence of it, that my mother was deliberately exposed to a longer than normal x-ray dose when she was still early in her pregnancy, and that as a result, my left eye has a lens which is fused, meaning it will not adjust to light, and it does not focus. I'm also short-sighted and wear corrective lenses.
But we are a blank when we grow up, and we do not all turn out as we hope to, but perhaps we can learn to correct our faults.
One reason I believe I may have been Jesus is that before I was born, and before my father was married, he lived on a farm which he bought with a rehab loan. He always wanted to own his own farm, and when he returned from WWII, he borrowed money at 3%, bought his farm, and lived there with his mother.
I'm not certain whether they had electricity at that time or not, however they were still doing their washing by boiling up the copper. In those day all washing was done that way by heating the water in a copper which was literally a big copper bowl, about 1 metre across. The water was boiling, in a gentle simmer, and I appeared, sitting on the concrete block wall of the cowshed. I'm not sure I can recall if I was wearing anything or not, but I was just a baby, maybe a few months old. I think my father noticed me first, and I was about five feet off the ground, and he nudged his mother, who was standing next to him, and she looked up toward me. At the same time, I moved down so that I was floating in the water. She would just have seen me disappear, and reappear just in front of her. The water didn't feel hot to me, just above blood temperature, possibly 100 F, and the bubbles from the boiling water gently supported me. I stayed there for a minute or so, just floating in the water, smiling at them, then I vanished, back to where I live when I'm not living on this planet. You know it as  planet Pluto, but you won't find me there, because I live inside it, in solid rock, not in a house.
How do I know if this is true or not? I don't. I only have my memory of it. God knows the truth. 
Dad did get married, and then my parents had a daughter. I remember waiting for my body to be ready. It was about two weeks before I was born that I entered my new body, and became completely unconscious. There are no other memories of my life in the womb, but I do remember my mother going to the maternity hospital in Te Puke, and less than two miles from the farm gate, sitting beside her on the front seat of the Vanguard she was driving, and looking up at her, and the column change, and her looking back at me. I remember now, being born in that exact spot, many years before, as my mother and father were on their way to  a safe spot he had found (on our farm, which lay between two springs about a mile apart.  This was in my book which I submitted to Penguin to be considered for publication, a story about the life of Jesus, written in the first person, but it was rejected.
So if being Jesus isn't about being perfect, what is it about? As I said, I wrote a book in the first person about what I thought the life of Jesus would have been like. It is not completely like the Bible, so that causes a dilemma, and it causes possible conflict. There was a life before Jesus, or as I would prefer to call him, James, because Jesus in my book started of as James, but he was crucified at about 33 but did not die, but "disappeared" and that is where the man Jesus appeared. James was supposed to have died on the cross, but Jesus was not the Messiah, he was just James, brother. In fact Jesus/James didn't have a brother, he had a little sister. His mother and his sister watched him as he was crucified, and sewed leaves on an embroidery, but all that is in my fictional book.
So what else was it about? Jesus lived with God before he was born i Jerusalem. He also had another life as his own Grandfather. Jesus Grandfather's name was Virgin, that was their family name, but I don't know the Hebrew name, and he had a mill where the family used to make flour and bake bread. While Jesus' father's business was on the shores of the sea of Galilee, his mother's family lived not far from the Mediterranean,  on a stream which powered the mill. God asked me, before I was born, what sort of mill I wanted, wind powered or water powered? My answer was water, because I reasoned, if there was no rain, there would also be no grain. Do I believe in God?
Yes I do, I believe in God almighty, and I believe in the Trinity. Is this dangerous? No, it is normal and it is expected of all Anglicans. We say the Creed at every service, although I have to read it because I do not know it by heart.
Not all those who believe in Jesus, and who call themselves Christians, believe in the Trinity, and not all those who say they believe in God, also believe in Jesus, or that Jesus is the Saviour. In that case why can't I prove that I am Jesus, and that there is a God? Let me ask you if you are a better or a worse person from believing in God? What type of God? Do you turn on God and criticize God if you know God is real? Would you not be better off not believing in God, than abusing and questioning God, once you know He is real? I cannot perform  miracles. God performs miracles. When I was alive as Jesus, I walked on water, several times. Once, teh water was still, and clear, and it was like walking on glass, it was that solid, and the water came up to my ankles. I did not ask to walk ashore on water, or in water, I had no choice, I just walked on an invisible sheet of glass about two inches below the surface, and there were little waves in the water, and splashes just as though I was walking on a shallow pool.
Another thing which you may find hard to believe is that I also had a life as my Grandfather, before I had a life as Jesus. This means I had at least two lives as Jesus, because I remember another life in Japan, after Jesus, but before I spent a life as Jesus, but one thing, and one life at a time. Life is a continuum, going forward. My Grandfather's name was Harry Burgess, and he was married and had four daughters. I met him when I was still only little, and I sat on his knee one night while he painted ships. He and my grandmother are in photographs I have with myself and my older sister Jennifer.
I remember when my daughter Jessica was born, and I remember rowing out to Beam Rock Lighthouse of Mission Bay where we lived, for a time in the Mission House on teh beach. I swam out to get my dinghy the next day and almost drowned because the strain of teh previous day's swim had such a toll on me. I also remember rowing out while my eldest daughter Mary swam out, and how she wanted to stop, but I insisted that she finish it, which she did, just. She was a beautiful child with long blond hair, and she at one point recognised me, and obviously remembered me from another lifetime. As I said, she later became my mother, when she married my father. All this was for God's purpose. It was my Grandfather who taught us, when we lived in (lets say) Jerusalem (to put it into the correct time sequence) the Lord's prayer, which we said at meals.
According to the laws of physics, as I understand them, it is not possible for a person to be born, or go away from a planet, and come back and meet themselves. They would explode. This makes me unique, as far as I know. What is required, is for a person who lives for say, 70 years, to be born at least 70 light years away. According to Einstein, as we travel faster, time passes more slowly. If I left here, and went to a place which was moving significantly faster through space than my starting point, and lived there for 20 years, when I came back, I would look 20 year older, but everyone here would have aged significantly more. Somebody will correct me if I have it round the wrong way.
If I am living on or in planet Pluto, there is no such problem. Pluto is part of our system, so anything I do there, like a person living on the moon, or in a space station, or in Japan, is part of our solar system, and our legal system. My work is my property. In the last 2,000 years, I can say, but I cannot be certain, beause at the end of every life (70 years) you die, so all memories are erased. It is like going to sleep, and even your memories of yesterday are suspect.
If you have seen the film 2001 then you know what it is like. It is also like the film, The Shining, except no other people are there. God is there, and you talk to God, but you don't hear a voice, just you have a sense of a presence, a thought which is not your own. You live in an infinite room, it could be a play rom when you are young, and a ball rolls in from nowhere. You can only imagine who has sent it and why. Is it your friend, no it is your mother, but it in not your mother it is God. You play with your blocks, your books, your humming top, and you grow. There is always something to do. You do not eat. You do not have time to eat, and you don't leave. Your food must be in your blood, like when you are in the womb. You have your studio, your art studio, your instrument which you have made yourself, your computer, your keyboards, and your tape recorders. If you want to record an orchestral piece you must do all the instruments yourself, and imagine the little girl it is for. You design a house when you are seven. You are self taught, and thus progress quickly because, you have been shown, and you believe it, you could not even lift your own arm to feed yourself without God. You could sit there for ever with a fork full of food, and will your arm to move, but without God nothing is possible. You celebrate your mother, and you wait to be born, to feel the water, the fluid motion you can imagine, but which only exists in your mind. You understand, and appreciate the difference between yourself and God, and you love God, because you have reasoned that God must be like this, even if you cannot prove it, and God loves you back. When God asks you to do something you do it. Without hesitation.
There is a man lying bleeding in the desert. It is your father. What do you want to do? You leave, you find him, you pick him up and run 20 miles to bring him to hospital, and you leave to get back to your work. If you let him die, you could not be born. It is obvious. You don't have to be asked twice. God hears all the prayers. One day you hear your Grandmother's voice. It is your father's mother. He son is at war, and she is on her knees before she goes to bed and she is asking God to protect him and bring him home safely. It is teh same prayer hat every mother would pray, but if you listened to them all you head would be abuzz with voices. God hears them all, but only connects you one time to hear what is really happening. You do not need to know.


Do I believe in God?
Yes I do, I believe in God almighty, and I believe in the Trinity. Is this dangerous? No, it is normal and it is expected of all Anglicans. We say the Creed at every service, although I have to read it because I do not know it by heart.
Not all those who believe in Jesus, and who call themselves Christians, believe in the Trinity, and not all those who say they believe in God, also believe in Jesus, or that Jesus is the Saviour.



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