When you recycle you will be able to win prizes.

For example, for every 50 aluminium cans you collect, you or your group will earn a bag of Pascall Jet Planes. 

In addition you will receive 10c credit (in monopoly money) for every aluminium can. This money isn't worth anything yet, it just represents your share, and when the cans are sold,or if sponsors are found, everyone will receive an equal share of the profits.

There is an additional prize of a packet of jet planes for the first class at your school to collect 50 cans in a month.  The prize for July 2010 hasn't been claimed yet so start collecting.

Planting trees

In New Zealand many native tree species are a food source for native birds such as Tui, Wood Pigeons (Keruru) and  Kakapo (Strigops habroptila). In addition there are many species of trees such as nut trees which provide a useful source of food for other species, including humans.




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