A stack of wooden pallets awaits reuse or recycling.

Recycling timber has become popular due to its image as an environmentally friendly product, with consumers commonly believing that by purchasing recycled wood the demand for green timber will fall and ultimately benefit the environment. Greenpeace also view recycled timber as an environmentally friendly product, citing it as the most preferable timber source on their website. The arrival of recycled timber as a construction product has been important in both raising industry and consumer awareness towards deforestation and promoting timber mills to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Wood recycling is a subject which has in recent years taken an ever greater role in our lives. The problem, however, is that although many local authorities like the idea of recycling, they do not fully support it. One of the countless examples, which has been in the news is the concept of actually recycling wood which is growing in the cities. Namely, recycling timber, trees and other sources.[64]


Planting trees

In New Zealand many native tree species are a food source for native birds such as Tui, Wood Pigeons (Keruru) and  Kakapo (Strigops habroptila). In addition there are many species of trees such as nut trees which provide a useful source of food for other species, including humans.




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