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Much has been said about original sin, and Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. If there was a garden of Eden it would have been most likely in Bagdhad, or what was originally called Ur, after the planet Earth which we now call the world, after the whirl on the fingerprint of the Queen. 

Since the time of Jesus we have heard about the immaculate conception, or "Virgin birth" which today we would understand as in vitro fertilisation and implantation of an embrio by the means of divine intervention.

From what I remember, this came at the end of the time of the Neanderthal and at the beginning of the rise of Homo Sapiens. Maybe I would have put it at 10,000 years ago, but it is more likely to have been 50,000 years. It was my recollection that we lived in Africa, somewhere on teh coast, but maybe there were no Neanderthals in Africa.

So this is the story. I'll keep it simple and flesh it out later.

We lived in a cave, opposite a waterfall. This is because we were the first humans, or Homo Sapiens, although our parents had been Neanderthal, and there were still Neanderthals around. They were not like our clan. We still hunted, but we didn't rely exclusively on meat for food. We were near the coast, so we could catch fish, and gather shellfish, and there were berries, and other game such as birds.

Neanderthals were strong, and smart, and quick, which is why we lived in the cave that we lived in. If anyone came through the door, the sound of the waterfall would be muffled, and immediately we would be alerted. Neanderthals used a large wooden club to hunt with. It was heavy, just like you see in the cartoons of cavemen, probably 20 kg or more, but they could wield it swiftly. We also used the same clubs to fight, as our parents had done, but we were not as strong as them. We had white skins, and very little facial or body hair, and were taller than them, we were also not brutes like them, the Neanderthals. Perhaps they were a wild remnaint who had survived the evolution process, but I strongly believe in the fact that God had decided to speed the process of evolution by introducing new genes, how else can I explain that humans and Neanderhals co-existed and even interbred? How long would a complete evolution of the species take?

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By 130,000 years ago, complete Neanderthal characteristics had appeared. These characteristics then disappeared in Asia by 50,000 years ago and in Europe by about 30,000 years ago, with no further individuals having enough Neanderthal morphological traits to be considered as part of Homo neanderthalensis.[3][not in citation given]

Genetic evidence suggests interbreeding took place with Homo sapiens (anatomically modern humans) between roughly 80,000 and 50,000 years ago in the Middle East, resulting in 1–4% of the genome of people from Eurasia having been contributed by Neanderthals.[4][5]

The youngest Neanderthal finds include Hyaena Den (UK), considered older than 30,000 years ago, while the Vindija (Croatia) Neanderthals have been re-dated to between 33,000 and 32,000 years ago. No definite specimens younger than 30,000 years ago have been found; however, evidence of fire by Neanderthals at Gibraltar indicate they may have survived there until 24,000 years ago. Cro-Magnon or early modern human skeletal remains with 'Neanderthal traits' were found in Lagar Velho (Portugal), dated to 24,500 years ago and controversially interpreted as indications of extensively admixed populations.[6]

 We also had art of a sort, and maps. The art was a red clay we used to outline our hands, and to draw pictures of the game we had killed. It was done on the walls of our home. The maps showed the points we travelled to. It was more like a geometric design, but where two tracks intersected, a crossing point became another point on the map. We were aware of enemy Neanderthal tribes, and where they lived, and tried to keep away from them as much as possible. It is difficult to say how many of us, now all HomoSapiens lived in this cave, perhaps thirty or so, but although I could make a fire quite easily by using a flint, or simply rubbing two sticks together, we preferred to keep a fire burning in the cave at all times, partly for warmth and cooking, but also for defense from wild animals. Our primary defense was our clubs, and all teh men had them. We had spears, mainly for hunting, and we also used a stick wrapped with rope to set on fire to ward off the animals. Most game was caught with spears, and we hunted in packs as did the Neanderthals, but we also used traps and snares, and drove animals  into them before killing them.

One night it happened. It was as we suspected, but it still happened without warning. Suddenly there was a hush at the doorway, then another and another in rapid succession. It was total confusion, and cavemen were running in and we were leaping to our feet in alarm. It was too confusing to say exactly what happened, but I hid behinda large stalagtite to protect myself from being struck, and gripped my club while I sorted out a plan and a strategy. To my horror, before I knew it I saw my friend, I can call her Sladja, but I don't know her name, maybe it was Eve, if I was Adam, the first human. She was directly sacrificing herself to save the group. She knew that the Neanderthals would leve when they had what they wanted, and my last memory of her was her being dragged by her hair in true caveman fashion, out of the cave by the lead caveman.

Whatever she was doing, it worked. Five or more of the Neanderthals followed her and their boss. It evened the odds and with what was left of our group, we quickly dispached the remaining ten or more neanderthols, and sat recouperating. I thought about Sladja/Eva and my thoughts at the time. My first thought was "NO". I was sure that we could have beaten them. The consequences of not winning the fight were, of course unthinkable, but I was confident of my tactics, to douse the fires, hide in the dark and attack then from the back in the confusion. Sladja had preempted that, but now the task was to recover, heal our wounds and dispose of the dead bodies. We had taken some casualties, about half our men, but we had killed more of them than they had us.

It was a bad bad time, but after a few days I was determined to set out and track down the Neanderthal camp and get back this woman who had done so much for us.

It took me only  a couple of days to track down the Neanderthal camp. I hid outside and made contact with Eve, who saw me, and we exchanged hand signals. She told me to wait. Soon I saw them, and she was keeping him distracted, giving me time to make my move. I approached them from the front and from their right. She was on her hands and knees, and he was behind her. He didn't notice me until it wa too late. I swung my club with such force and so much passion that I smashed his head like an over-ripe watermelon. Brain fragments went flying as his whole skull was pulverized. Afterwards we left the scene, and returned to our home. After that she showed me more afection, something I could even call love, and we became partners. I don't remember if we had children, or how we died, but we were soul mates after that.

One final note to this story. We did have a language of sorts. We had different sounds for different things. Eva was the name I made for her, but I don't recall her name for me. The original sin was the fact that the Neanderthal remnaint was eating us for food, and also eating its own women, something we never did. If there is a God, as I know there is, then this story is correct.



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