My Grandfather; Harry Burgess 

My Grandmother Gertrude Helmore (Boon)

My Mother Mary Baker

My Father (Tim) Lorenzo Sandilands Baker

My Auntie Jess (Burgess) Walter

Uncle Buster (Albert Francis) Kramer-Walter

Cousin Bruce

Cousin Grant

Cousin Margaret

Cousin Phil


My Auntie Dot (Dorothy) Osborne

Uncle Arthur (Osborne)

Cousin Gary  (Family Tree)

Cousin John  (Family Tree)

Cousin David  (Family Tree)

Cousin Rob (Robert)  (Family Tree)

My Auntie Marge

My Grandfather (Larry) Lorenzo Baker

My Grandmother Gig (Sandilands) Baker

My Auntie Peg (Baker) Fitzgerald

Uncle Maurice Fitzgerald

Cousin Margot (Fitzgerald) Gratten

Cousin Kay Fitzgerald

Army (Robby)

Navy (Gary)

Airforce (John)

Marines (Davy)



Army (Robby)

Navy (Gary)

Airforce (John)

Marines (Davy)

John Denver

Latest page

Maryilyn Monroe, (the death of).

Captain James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks

Life before my birth

The story of Jesus

Seiko Watch

Rescue of my  father in the desert in (1941?)

Band of Brothers

Japanese POW

Spitfire pilot/Mosquito Navigator

Battle for Stalingrad
Some time early in the war, most likely late in 1941, my father arrived in North Africa.


The beginning and the end of the world

Combat in the Colosseum

Julius Ceasar
The Life of Jesus (James).

First Emperor 200 BC
Shaolin Temple
Ming Dynasty and Willow Pattern

Trafalgar & Nelson
Vice Admiral Blackwood
Captain James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks
Sir  Christopher Wren (Architect)
Anchor Wat and the Moslem Invasion


 IRONIC alanis Morissette

 My mother, Mary Baker, one of my paintings.

 My nephew, Yarran Baker, on right.  Hand in my pocket


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