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 It is funny, as my grandfather, Harry Burgess, and father of my own mother, Mary, born in 1917(19), I remember one of my other daughters Jessica and teaching her her first words. The first one was papa, obviously enough, and then her own name, Jessica. After that, two nouns, I decided to expand her mind a little with another type of word, an adjective if you like to call it that. As a man with an English heritage, and being a third generation of our family born in New Zealand I used to pronounce the word launch, as in the boat, "larnch". Jessica's third word was "fresh" because I used to bath her in the small metal baby bath and dry her when she was just a baby.

Later, in this life I knew her as my aunt, my mother's sister who lived just four males away from us, and the mother of my cousins.

It was odd indeed when in 2005, I met via the internet, another Pappa Jessica Fresh.

"I cuss like a sailor, but I try not to. I'm obsessed with having clean fingernails, yet they always seem to be dirty. I think this is a good sign for life. People fascinate me and scare me with how much they touch my solar plexis. I'm overly-emotional and under-involved. I've began watching. I'm a catalyst by energy, a scientist by nature, a spiritualist by intellect. No one knows me well. That's because I'm crazy. No really. I am."
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This is a picture of me, on our first Nuclear free stamp issued in 1995.

It is also a picture of Jessica.




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