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Larry was born in Dublin on 17th January 1874 and trained as an architect. He was the son of Jonathan William Baker and his wife Anna Louisa (née Nickerson). (Lilly Lagtry & Oscar Wilde).

He suffered badly from asthema and decided to move to New Zealand where he settled in Kimbolton near Fielding. He married into a wealthy family and apparently did quite well up until the time of his death on 2nd November 1924 when my father was only 7 years old.

The newspaper obituary began with the words General regret... It had been two days since Larry had been home, and even his wife had no idea he was dead. It was up to me to compose this death notice. In fact he was not dead, but let me explain.

Larry was only 55, when he died, and had two children, my father (Tim- who his Uncle Bill Sandilands nick named him after his tennacious attitude and a comic book character of the times and my Auntie Peg who was younger.. Uncle Bill had served in World War II, and returned home with his Lee Enfield .303 to marry Elva.

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!
Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
Scottish author & novelist (1771 - 1832)

Larry and Gig owned a boarding house in Fielding. Larry was also a member of the Freemasons. That would have been an advantage in business, when a contract was awarded on a handshake. What many people didn't know, and many still don't accept as possible, is that a man could have two bodies, and move between them at will. This is fine intheory but leads to many complications in practice. If he is at home with his wife and children, that is fine, but what is somebody else is at home with his wife and children, while he is away at the other man's home, with whose wife, and whose children? What if he and his wife are together, but both in another body? How does he know who is with who, or do they even care? What about the children?  What if one family has two children, and another three or five? What if the children can't or don't want to change or move with their parents? Why would they want to? If all this is going on, how does a brother know who his wife or sister is unless they tlak about it? Does God know this? Undoubtedly, because without God it is not possible.

So Larry wasn't home, with his wife, somebody else was. Was it me? Was it Jesus? Where was Larry's wife? She was with him, but they looked to each other like the real people who were actually at Larry's boarding house/home. Yes I hear you say, Fascism. Power. An unholy alliance. this wouldn't work in my family, and I will explain why.

These days it would be easy, with telephones and computers, to call the police, to cruise by your home in a police car and see if you come to the door, (see Wife or Death by Ellery Queen). You would have to know your  friend's computer password,which you could easily know, but would you be allowed access to their personal information? Who (Dr Rees/ Uncle Buster, another Freemason) impersonated my  own mother, and posed for her photograph?

That is why I wrote the obituary, but what is the connection to Tony and Cherrie Blair? Why did Tony write to me and say "Sorry, I can't help you".

What is the connection to Dave Rauh, to my cousin David Osborne, to Lindauer the artist, to Danny Watson, the radio personality.? What happened with Captain Cook and Joseph Banks? What is the Sharapova connection, and why is she getting special martial arts protection from the Shaolin monks under my instructions? Who is really who, and who are the victims?  Is it the children? The answer to that is yes, and to protect them,these men must be removed from the "family" home and put in prison where they belong.

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Baker Family Tree

Larry (Lorenzo) Baker     Margaret (Gig) Sandilands

Lorenzo Sandilands Baker (d)            Margaret (Peg) Baker(d) Ethel (Mary) Wedgwood Burgess(d)    (M)Maurice Fitzgerald(d)

Jennifer Mary Baker                         Margot Fitzgerald         Malcolm James Lorenzo Baker            Kay Fitzgerald (d)

William Sandilands

 Gottfried Lindauer, also known as Gottfried or Bohumir Lindaur (5 January 1839 – 13 June 1926) was a New Zealand artist of Czech descent famous for his portraits. Many prominent Māori chiefs commissioned his work, which accurately records their facial tattoos, clothing, ornaments and weapons. The other artist known for these portraits was C. F. Goldie.

Lindauer is buried in the Old Gorge cemetery in Woodville.

Lindauer, the #1 New Zealand sparkling wine brand, is named after the artist.


 When Larry died he left my father a ring,which says "Strength through Honour". It is the Baker family motto, and the same used by Maximus, played by Russell crowe in the film Gladiator. He also left, apparently, some debts, and a monogrammed hip flask with LBon it, a gift from his architect friends in Dublin, and a gold hunter watch with LB engraved on it.

Who knows where  Larry went when he died? His wife was forced to move to the Bay of Plenty where she boarded with her brother. Tim milked cows by hand before walking seven miles to  Paengaroa School each day, and milked them again when he got home. His mother took in laundry to make a few extra shillings. Their home, with the fine furniture, full sized billiard table, and society lifestyle was a thing of the past. Then the war came along. Every night she prayed for the safe return of her son.



Sandilands Building, Feilding

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