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 It may sound like an odd question, but if you could live somewhere other than planet earth, where would you live and what would life be like?

If you lived on another planet, would it be on the planet surface, in a structure, or on a habitable planet where other life forms or people exist? You would want, possibly, if you are like me, to know where you live in time ralitive to your friends and family living on planet earth.

Let me just tell you briefly what life was like for me, for teh last 2,000 years or so, since I claim to have lived as Jesus, (or James, but more of that later) of Nazareth. This is the story I sent to Penguin books, as my (fictional) story in the first person as Jesus of Nazareth, and the one which lead to me being in trouble with certain medical authorities. That part at least is real, while there is no actual proof to the unbelievers, that either God or Jesus exist. Now that I have said that twice I will not repeat it again, because to me God is very real, even though I have no proof in my own mind right up to the time of the death of my father on 12th February 1982.

My rational mind told me that even if the story of Jesus was true, and I was shocked by his claim that "nobody comes to the Father (God) except through Me", that there was no actual proof that God existed. This undoubtedly meant that everybody must become a Christian. Even so I was prepared to follw his teachings, mainly because I was impressed by his clever answers to impossible questions, and I think a part of me always believed in God. Later I will reveal how I came to change my mind, and start to believe in God.


 If you have seen the film 2001, by Arthur C. Clark you will know the scene where the man is in a studio eating, and goes to investigate a sound, only to find a baby. That, apart from the eating food, for which there was no necessity or time, was what it was like.

After my death (on the cross), I found myself back in my home. My impression was that I was on my knees in front of my writing desk, as is the Japanese style, and I could have been anywhere because the only pool of light was around me, so beyond that the blackness concealed everything. So where was I?

When planet Pluto was first photographed by by Clyde Tombaugh on 23 January 1930, I was conscious of the camera pointing at me, (my planet) even though I knew he couldn't see it.

Pluto is supposed to be about 33 to 55 degrees Kelvin. My thought was that the temperature was about minus 250 degrees. However, since I can't say I existed as a physical being, but as an image in God's mind, that is not really relevant. So that is where I was on that date, and in the year 1500 I was at teh end of the year working on this self portrait of Albrecht Durer.

It was painted between Christmas and the new year in 1499, so the date 1500 for completion is accurate.

 As I recall most of my work was painting. If I had had any life as the person who existed on earth at that time who bore the same name, then I had forgotten it, and as far as I am concerned, my location between the year 70, and  1955, when I was born  was, with only a few exceptions I can remember, was wholly in this planet.



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