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 You will have to remember that although this is my story, there is no way of knowing for certain that God exists, and that even if it is certain that God exists that does not mean that any recollection thaI may have, or believe I have of thing either before or after my birth are indeed accurate, and not merely works of my imagination. For that reason you should consider this a work of fiction, notwithstanding that in Chinese literature there is no such thing as fiction, as all literary works are considered either an accurate accont of history, or will become fact in time. There is a finite limit to the power of the human imagination, but not to the power of God.

We believe in the Holy Bible, because we can read it, and if we therefore believe in God, and to believe in God we have to have personally experienced a miracle. If God is real, then Jesus is also real. And if Jesus was a real person with a soul, then I was that person, as God is my witness. This you must believe.

God told me to believe one thing; that Queen Victoria was my Grandmother.

This is the one fact that I must build my whole reality around. How can this be so because the good Queen was born in 1837 died in 1901. My mother, her eldest daughter if God is right, my mother Ethel Mary Wedgwood Burgess, was born in 1917. I'm going to correct that year when I am certain of it. Victoria would have been too old to have a child at that age even if she had survived another 16 years, but would have been too youg to be my mother's mother.

It must have been that Victoria was already alive, and living in New Zealand as the wife of my Grandfather Harry when the Queen died, if yo consider this possible. Certainly it is not possible if God does not exist. More of this later.

My first memory of my mother was on the way to the maternity hospital in Te Puke on 28th July 1955. Again I will corect this date if I discover it to be wrong.

We were less than two miles form the farm, just rounding a corner we on the Maniatutu Road know as "McFarlan's Corner". It is where the road crosses what has been a large slip, so it is steep for ten metres above the road, and the valley below is 30 or more metres below, although overgrown with trees. My recollection is that my mother must have begun labour, being familiar with the signs of childbirth, me being the second child, and grabbed her suitcase maybe half an hour too late, being that the journey into town was about sixteen miles. Several hundred metres back up the road as it wound down the hill past the spot where we would years later stop often in summer to collect wine berrries, the car, a Vanguard hit a bump, which was enough to enduce labour, but I was not born the natural way, and suddenly found myself sitting beside her on the front passengers seat. I do not recall what I was wearing. We looked at each other, and I looked at the gear change leaver on the steering column. That was it. The next thing I can remember was weeks or months later when I was a baby, at home, and in my cot.

Apparently it was not an easy birth, lasting a number if hours, and I was born, not at 2.00 p.m. but around 8.00 p.m.

Up until two weeks before this I had been fully conscious and working in my studio, in where we belive Jesus resides, Heaven. For a while I had been conscious, by the grace of God, that my mother was prenant, and working to build a new body for me. Then two weeks before I was born, my soul moved to its new home, but I was not conscious.


The House of Hanover (the Hanoverians) is a deposed German royal dynasty which has ruled the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg (German: Braunschweig-Lüneburg), the Kingdom of Hanover, the Kingdom of Great Britain, the Kingdom of Ireland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. It succeeded the House of Stuart as monarchs of Great Britain and Ireland in 1714 and held that office until the death of Victoria in 1901. They are sometimes referred to as the House of Brunswick and Lüneburg, Hanover line. The House of Hanover is a younger branch of the House of Welf, which in turn is the senior branch of the House of Este.

Queen Victoria was the granddaughter of George III, and was an ancestor of most major European royal houses. She arranged marriages for her children and grandchildren across the continent, tying Europe together; this earned her the nickname "the grandmother of Europe". She was the last British monarch of the House of Hanover; her son King Edward VII belonged to the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the line of his father, Prince Albert. Since Victoria could not inherit the German kingdom and duchies under Salic law, those possessions passed to the next eligible male heir, her uncle Ernest Augustus I of Hanover, the Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale—the fifth son of George III.

The current head of the House of Hanover is Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover.



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