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Rob (Robert) was made an Associate Judge of the High Court of New Zealand on 27th November 2009

Associate Judge Osborne

Associate Judge Osborne graduated LLB (Hons) and LLM from Canterbury University.  He was employed by the firm of Young Hunter and Co as a solicitor from 1976 and with Duncan Cotterill in 1978.  He became Crown Counsel (and later Senior Crown Counsel) with the Hong Kong Government from 1980-1985.  In 1986 he returned to the firm of Duncan Cotterill as a partner and became a barrister sole from April 2007.  He was appointed an Associate Judge of the High Court from 29 January 2009.

Stop the Stadium (STS), a group fighting the development of New Zealand's largest indoor arena in Dunedin, has gone into liquidation.

In the High Court at Dunedin yesterday, Associate Judge Rob Osborne ruled "political issues" raised as a defence by STS president Dave Witherow were not matters for the court, the Otago Daily Times reported.

Dolf De Roos companies in receivership

Last month, associate Judge Rob Osborne heard Kingston Village's application for the caveat to continue in the High Court in Dunedin. A full hearing was set for August 29.




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