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Just a note about this. This is a work of fiction. Specifically, I was not present when the alleged incident with Sophie happened. Neither was there any gunman there. This has nothing to do with the David Bain story.. That is why I mention  it in my story, because there has never been any hint of recrimination by this fictitious person. There are no prostitutes, and there are no pimps. Therefore there can be no hint that there was any bullet in her head, there was not, nor was there anybody saying do not mention this to anybody or else. My information is all from God who is the source of my inspiration, and who many doubt exists at all. The only real part of this story is the fact that Sophie was run over and her mother knows who did it, but the police decided not to prosecute.

The family has now left the house, and they will not be back.

 Sophie was the daughter of Phil and Taja. She died in 1992, after being hit by a car as she crossed the road to catch the school bus on a Monday morning.

There are a few other memories of Sophie, but this is the main story I want everyone to know about, even if I was soon to be snowed under with problems of my own, later that year in June and July of 92'

What mobody told me was that the evening before Sopie was hit by the car, Phil had a visitor.

When he came to the door, he invited Phil outside to talk, but Phil refused. Sophie and Kris and Taja's two children by a former relationship, Kif and Tai were there also. The guy, who nobody mentioned to me, after some talk presented a handgun, and tried to fire it twice, but apparently it appeared to misfire. Sophie was standing next to her father, and shortly after the man left without ever entering the house. Unknown to everybody, while the first shot may have misfired completely and been ajected from the gun, the second shot also misfired, but the  bullet did enter Sophie's head, probably through her nostril, and it caused some damage at it didn't have enough force to exit her skull, but ricocheted off the back of her skull, and took a couple of trips through her brain before stopping. I caused no apparent damage, and Sophie got up to go to schol the next morning as though nothing had happened.

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How do I know this? Well incredible as it may sond, I remember this from a previous lifetime. I don't remember anything about the rest of Sophie's life, but I do remember that niight, and the incredible buring sensation she suffered in her head, and how it took her/me a long time to get to sleep.

I'm surprised the hospital didn't discover the bullet when they xrayed her for the head injuries she suffered in the car accident. I saw the vehicle at the police station, or in a photo, and there was a huge round dent the size of Sophie's head, directly in front of the driver's steering wheel on the bonnet.

I didn't arrive at the hospital until after 2.00 the next afternoon, or monday afternoon, although the accident happened at about half past eight that morning. I gave Phil a hug as he was taking it badly and very distraught, near to breaking up, and then I saw the doctor, who said "I'm impressed". Whether he was impressed with my calmness, or teh way I reassured Phil and helped him compose himself, or by something else I don't know, and I have yet to see the X-ray.

What is most remarkable is that the driver of the car that killed he was never  charged, either with manslaughter, which is automatic when there is a death, or neglegent driving, or what would have been appropriate, murder.  This is because the skid marks on the road started at the point of impact, outside the gate, not before it, and were completely on the wrong side of the road, Sophies's side, and she had been standing in the middle of the lane, but on her side of the road. The police even attended the scene.

Kif has recently lost a daughter herself, tragically run over in the drive way of their home in an accident in which her partner was driving.




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