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So here is the question you are asking. Yes I believe in God, yes I believe in Jesus, but what proof do you, Malcolm Baker, have that you were Jesus in a previous life?

Surely the simple answer is God Himself. Ask God and you will get your answer. But perhaps Gosd is not God, but Satan, and Satan is trying to fool me?

Yes and Jesus could have been Satan and trying to fool you, just as I could, but the point of Jesus say God is good, and nice and kind, and there is only one God, and no satan, only evil people.

So where does Venus fit in? Well I was Venus in a previous life, and I remember her life, her difficulties, he pain, her matches, her sister Serena.

And although her life isn't finished, I finished it before I began this one, and before I was crucified as Jesus, for the second time. there is no reference is there in the bible about a second cricifiction, or a third one, or even a reserection which happened before He was crucified. There is a chapter called revelations, and it was revealed to Christ as things which actually happened, and yet are still to come for us.

 And there is one other thing. How many people, apart fron Serena (Rena) herself know that she is the Queen of England. How could she be? She is one person, but she is a body and a soul. Her sould was born into a new body before she had died. She had no choice about that, but it meant that because she is not me, and cannot have two sould on earth at any one time, only one,  someone else's soul must have been in her (the Queen's) body when she was not. Is it possible, to have one soul leave one body and another enter it before it dies? Did you not read the bit in my story where I claim I spent 2000 years in space, in a planet, Pluto, eating no food, but having God provide my nutrients as a mother provides blood for a baby in the womb, and breathing no air?

Who was being the Queen? Any number of people, including Shenia Twain, who herself has several bodies or identities of her own.

Venus cannot deny her past, will Serena deny hers, including the fact that we were going to be married, not as Serena and me, but certainly marrying one of her bodies means that it is marrrying all of them. The truth my be embarrassing to some, but what men do is different and the same from what women do. The difference is that women have morals and are good and honest, not all men can say teh same, and any woman who is not an honourable woman doesn't deserve to call herself human, but not all women are corrupt as some men believe, corrupted by "oroginal sin".

The difference between myseld and Venus Williams, (and Marilyn Monroe for that matter) is that while we are all Christ, I am the one who had the body of Christ in my previus life, and His parents, and His DNA, and now God also knows who I am.



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