Here is an offer you can either take up or ignore.

The offer is to persuade your parents, and other parents to write out a cheque for $2011.

That is the price of the web browser and timing system which enables your computer to connect to the internet.

Before you do that you must be convinced yourself about the merits of this proposition. In other words, is it true? Is it legitimate? Is it a fair price?

In return I am offering $200 per copy as a commission. Not much you may say, but when you consider that the software comes pre-installed, and that I am offering an exclusive territory (for one year) of up to 1,000 customers, your potential earnings are $200,000 per year.

To help you we have a FAQ page and questions for you to ask and answer.


Where to start?

What is a web browser?

What is an operating system?

What is a timing system?





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