So what is JavaScript?  Is it Java?  What does it do?  Is it difficult to learn?  These questions will all be answered in this tutorial, and more. Just to get us started, JavaScript is basically a scripting language that helps kick HTML into overdrive. With it, elements in a document can be programmatically accessed and manipulated, bringing a dull web page to life. If you are content with using simply html to create web pages, you are ready to head out to our special tutorial , how to make fire with sticks; the rest of us, lets rock.
If you are using the internet for online banking, you are using JavaScript and a Firefox web browser
or a copy of the Mozilla browser developed by Netscape and Sun Microsystems.
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Welcome to the home

of the Online

Banking  MONOPOLY   Game.

What is a Monopoly?

In a word,
what is this site about?


Savings  baby,  savings !

Want to know how to play ?   
Advance to   MAYFAIR         
Want to double £350 ?   

Do you  want to turn $60 into $120?

In one year?


Save in a group at your school

Bank 10% with Monopoly

You can achieve 100% interest, in 12 months.
100% guaranteed?   Want to know more?
Go back to  OLD KENT ROAD. 

This game is for schools

Save $2 per week, in your own bank.

Get a friend to save $2 per week.

When you have $60

Bank it for 12 months with Kiwibank

You can do it all, simply by collecting aluminium cans.

Know how to play the
board game?

Then this is simple.
Just  save as little as $2 per week,   
Get a group of 3 or 5 or your whole class
to save $2 per week each,
Put the money in your own bank.
If you want to, when you are ready,
Bank $60 with this game
by buying a property card.

We offer the security of a work of art,
Your money goes into Kiwibank at 2% interest.

After 12 months
you receive your money back,
(sell your property card back)
plus receive 2% interest,
And an additional $60!

That's  DOUBLE your investment ! !

 DOUBLE $240 ?

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See the    Community Chest    offer on this page.

Rainier Tower, Rainier Square, Seattle.  One time home of Rainierbank.

Learn more about the history of online banking.

This free script provided by JavaScript Kit

What is a web browser?

What is a Timing System?

What is JavaScript?

This site isn't just about Timing Systems and JavaScript.  It is about a revolution in banking. Electronic banking

Monopoly isnt just a board game, it is a real game played out in board rooms on real stock markets and real banks.     

This site is about real money, real offers and is about the control of international corporations, corporate branding, brand names and fine art.


You have gambled on the result of the lawsuit between Sun Microsystems and Microsoft regarding the ownership of JavaScript and lost.

Get out of jail free by registering your Mozilla Browser this month.



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