March 2014

Bill English, Minister of Finance- Interest Rates  26th March 2014

April 2014


 Mr Malcolm James Baker.

42 Spencer Avenue.

Maketu 3189

2nd April 2014

This is an open letter. What are my qualifications? Have a look at my facebook page

 You wll see that I am a martial arts trainer with the Shaolin Monks, a Buddhist Martial Arts School in Wuhan China.  

I've written a manuscript about post Einsteinian Relativity, or particles which travel faster than the speed of light, called Protons and Neutrons Are Atoms? In it I describe the structure of sub atomic matter.

Have a look at my JavaScript tutorial. .

My goal is to persuade the Ministers of Finance that we are in a global economic crisis, and that if we do not take drastic measures, we may well end up in another world was like the two previous ones, because not all countries have learned the lessons of the last two major world recessions which led to both of those. Most do not have a welfare system, and those that do find that they are straining under constant demands for more jobs and more wages. It is a simple formula, not rocket science, and it is designed to get more money into circulation.

The first thing is to understand what money and wealth are, and to get everyone who wants a job, working. They will then have the means to expand the economy and the income tax base, even if it means putting the unemployed in the army to train them with skills they can use in the workforce.


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