This is one of the medical reports I received. I think it is bullshit, because I don't suffer any of the symptoms of schizophrenia, such as hearing voices, suffering from delusions. I'm at a loss to really understand why the police and medical authorities are so anxious to have me in their power, controlling my finances, who I may marry or not marry, where I may travel or not travel and so on. I wanted to attend the Olympic games in Greece, and intended to visit Israel at the some time. In 1997 I was fortunate to inherit $160,000. New Zealand Guardian Trust Limited has been managing this for me because, as they tell the court, they do not believe I have the mental facilities to manage my money myself. In 2005 when I met Sladja it was her intention to visit New Zealand the following year. It was me who was going to pay for it because Serbia is still a place where it is difficult to get a well paying job. We were going to live in my house and work in the Kiwifruit industry. I have worked on the grader in 2008 for Seeka Kiwifruit, and in 2009 for the same company in their laboratory VLS, but wages are minimal, about $13.50 per hour. My claims for ownership of software I say I wrote for Sun are derided by Guardian Trust and a succession of property managers. My ownership of a Chinese company called Dragon, because of a property/document purchased by my Grandfather who visited China on his sailing ship the Southern Cross, while it is supported by the Shaolin Monks, (images) and the Shaolin Temple is also poo pooed by Guardian Trust who refuses to let me take the matter to court. We are going to court again on the 9th February 2011, but this is an application by Guardian Trust for a continuation of the protection of personal property order granted on the 28th August 2007, which expired on 28th August 2010. They have not supplied me with any annual statement during the last three years, and they say my investment with them is down to $30,000, perhaps less, and the most interest they have been able to pay me is between 4% and 5%, while their company has been earning 35% on the global equity market. They have also refused me permission to buy a $50,000 fully furnished 3 bedroom house which I could have put on my vacant section at Maketu, and which would have paid for itself by now. Three years ago the trust claimed to have $80,000 invested in the share-market. I do not consider the New Zealand share-market to be a worthwhile risk, having been burned badly in the share-market crash of 1987. 

Mental Health and Addiction service- Community Mental Health

Tauranga Hospital

Cameron Road Private Bag 12024


New Assessment

Date Dictated 17.08.07

Date Typed 21.08.07

Palm Springs Medical Centre

Papamoa (27)

Dear Doctors

Re: Malcolm James Lorenzo BAKER


Chronic Schizophrenia paranoid sub type


Declined Medication

Follow up

Outpatient appointment in three months time on Friday 16th November 2007 at 10 am

Two weekly contact with case manager Liz Cole. PDN.


I thank you for your referral on Mr Baker whom I previously met in 2004. It seems that there has been little change in his mental state since that time and he continues to describe marked paranoid thoughts most of which is directed toward Mental Health staff. I suspect that much of this is because of his negative experiences in his initial contact with Mental Health Services and his belief that he was wrongfully detained. As you are aware he has a property manager which was put in place to manage his financial affairs from his inheritance. He has had a number of assessments over time and has frequently challenged this order.

At the beginning of the interview I attempted to clarify to Malcolm the purpose of the assessment and this was to assess his mental status., history and the role of medication. As soon as I mentioned the role of medication he became very anxious and requested to leave the office as he felt suffocated by the suggestion and as a consequence we left the interview room and completed the assessment outside where he felt more comfortable with Liz Cole.

Having reviewed his file and seen him previously in 2004 my impression is that he does have schizophrenia of a paranoid sub type. He also has a number of strange religious delusions in that he believes that he has the DNA of Jesus Christ in him. When I asked him if he still believed that he was Jesus Christ, he denied this, became guarded and did not answer. However later in the interview, he indicated that he had previously been Jesus Christ in his past during another life.

On direct questioning he denied any suicidal thoughts although he stated that in his late teens he had an impulsive thought to cut his hand off, but has had no attempts. He has had not thoughts of harming others; he denies any violence toward others. He did describe being traumatised by a home invasion and assault by some gang members which he still feels traumatised by. He does not have active PTSD.

When I reviewed him in 2004 my impression at that time was that he was suffering from a delusional disorder, however he nature of his delusions are too bizarre to be considered a delusional disorder and I suspect that his underlying diagnosis would be more in the schizophrenic form. Irrespective of a diagnosis he would probably benefit from some dose medication which I have discussed with him in some detail but which he has declined.

I would agree that his mental state does impair his judgment, he has requested money to fly to Serbia as he has met his future wife, who has two children, which he met on the internet and wants to fly there and marry her and bring the family back.

He had a previous episode where he was in China and had met a complete stranger whom he wanted to marry and bring back to New Zealand and described that when he was going through customs, she was not allowed through and he does not know what happened to her.

He states that he has a number of friends from school but does not have any very close colleagues. He lives by himself in a free hold property and continues his income through his invalids benefit. He paints less often and is currently looking for a full time job with the purpose of funding a trip to Serbia.

Drug & Alcohol History

Michael does not engage in any substance use, he has stopped smoking, he does not use alcohol and does not use any cannabis or any other illicit drugs.


My general impression is that despite the fact that he has underlying schizophrenia there is no significant risk issues that would allow one to enforce treatment. He has clearly been traumatised by contacts with Mental Health Services and preciously treatments including intramuscular injections for example he claims that he has numbness in his foot from an injection that he got in the buttock area and is really averse to psychiatric treatment.

There are no grounds to enforce treatment under the Act although he would probably benefit from this.

His delusional systems are longstanding and may not improve significantly with treatment.


Malcolm has however agreed to continue engagement with the service and I think this is a good thing. This will allow a greater oversight of his functioning, allow him time to vent his anxieties and concerns that we can assess and document a more formal risk assessment and formulation and possibly form much better therapeutic alliance to encourage the possibility of medication.

I have booked another appointment in three months to assess his progress.

Liz will engage and provide support and follow up.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely

Electronically reviewed by

Mark Lawrence

Registrar for Dr Hock

Gold Sector.


There may be reasons why the Doctors made their report. If it is a crime to write a work of fiction, then I guess the joke is on me.



 The ironic thing is that I was checked out in 1991 when my sister complained to the police that I had assaulted her in a scuffle in my home when I asked her to leave the room where I was watching television and she refused. She later dropped the charges, so that was the end of that, however the police believed that I had pressured her into dropping the charges and wanted to have me medically assessed. I simply wanted to be released from the police cells where I had been for two days, and to that end I had declined food. Something was made of this in the medical report, but anyway my G.P. visited me in the cells and put some pressure on me to commit myself. I declined that offer and he said I would have to be assessed, and that it would be three weeks before I would be allowed out of hospital and to return to my home at Maketu.

To be fair to my sister, I had consumed over two litres of wine that day and I really only wanted to sleep it off. I didn't want to be involved in an argument.

Duly, after appearing before two justices of the peace, I was transferred to an open ward, meaning I could wander around the hospital grounds but could leave the gates, at Tokonui Psychiatric Hospital in the Waikato, (more about that later), and after a week transferred back to an open psychiatric ward at Tauranga. The rules were clear. If I wanted to go into town (Tauranga) for any reason I had to ask one of the nurses on duty, and could go on my own, but had to be back in time for the evening meal.

It was exactly one year since my mother died, and I remember sitting on the steps of the ward on the 11th January 1991, and thinking, what a mess, and how much I still missed my mother who was only 74 when she died of a bleeding duodenal ulcer. I still blame her Dr Dr Rees for not having it operated on earlier. Now we have Losec, and I have it myself for the same stress related condition, but at the time there was only Gaviscon. She had a terrible last 10 days, and I was working the finger jointer factory where I lost my finger the night the nurse called me and told me to come in because her ulcer was bleeding and she wasn't expected to last the night. I visited her after work at 1.00 am and she died the next day. I had dreams about her for years afterward, and all were very real.

The medical report(s) contained in the report of the District Inspector of Mental Health into my case make it clear that they did not discover any type of mental illness, particularly schizophrenia but had considered substance abuse.

Dr Van der Sluce, the man in charge of Tokonui Hospital, who I spoke to in 1992, on the Saturday after I had been released from IPC (Intensive Patient Care) when I was being released into the care of my Auntie Jess, cautioned me to "stay off the top shelf" and warned me that if I came back he would "break my legs" and then he warned me not to tell anyone he had said that. Of course he was joking, but I had experienced some very harsh treatment in IPC and had no intention of ever returning to a psychiatric hospital. Everything you have heard about them is true. IPC is the unit where you hear all the screaming coming from. They are fearful places, especially when you have an indeterminate sentence, and no way of knowing how long it will last.

When I was first in the open ward at Tokonui in January  1991 I made friends with a girl who had been in IPC for 10 weeks, and she was constantly buying ice blocks to quench a huge thirst. She also walked with a distinctive "thump" which I developed myself. I learned why. I was only in there for 5 days, in June 1992, and that was five days of sheer hell and terror, which I shall describe in detail.


What Mark Lawrence says about Sera, the Korean woman is true. We did meet one day, and we had dinner together that night in an intimate ethnic Korean restaurant high on the hill above Pusan where she was showing me around, and we spent the night together, but I foolishly refrained from consummating the relationship because I wanted to marry her at that point and wanted our wedding night to be special. She was beautiful. An American citizen I think, at least she told me her parents were American, but for some reason she didn't have a passprt. More about the tragic ending to that brief affair on another page. I even wrote to the British Home office in an attempt at locating her but with no success. She was the last girlfriend I had up until when I met Sladja, who has been waiting for 5 years now for me to get my act together.

 I don't recall saying anything about flying to Serbia. I may have entertained the thought once, but it was always my intention to bring Sladja out here so she could see the house where she may decide to live and where her children will go to school from. We talked in 2006 of her coming out in 2007, and working in the kiwifruit orchards to make some money. I haven't spoken to her about marriage. We haven't even met yet, only conversed on the internet, but even the Shaolin Monks know what "mind to mind communication" and that is the way people who are in love talk to each other. Of course it isn't possible without God, but I have believed in the God my mother believed in since 1982, after the death of my father, and if God is real, so is Jesus. I don't remember what I told Dr Lawrence about my religious beliefs, but they are not strange, they are strictly orthodox Anglican. I believe in One God and I believe in the trinity, that is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I attend church regularly, except in January as my grandfather said, it is too hot, and I suppose he thought his four daughters, including my mother Mary and my auntie Jess would rather be at the beach swimming. He was away on his ship for about six months of the year, but to claim we are not staunch Anglicans is simlpy not true.


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